Making a MOOC successful

Week one’s essential question:  What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC?

As if I am in anyway qualified to answer this question!  But, that’s what this course is all about, right?  The adventure of discovery!  To be perfectly honest, already this class have given me a taste of profound frustration that I am sure some of my students experience every now that then.  What comes so easily to others can be incredibly confusing to others.

From my understanding, the first thing that I need in order to be successful with a MOOC is to be brave and open to information.  I have to seek out sources and not be too afraid of the rabbitholes that they will potentially lead me down.  Once I find resources to add to my PLN, I need to offer feedback and build relationships with my fellow learners.  I get intimidated by this aspect, because, again, I do not feel qualified to offer anything.  I need to remember though, that at the very least, I have my own perspecitve on issues to offer.  Even being sure offer quality feedback is incredibly important.  I found follow wiki by Chuck Frey incredibly helpful in understanding how to go about setting up my own PLN.

Right now, everything about this project is just beyond my grasp, but I will persevere.  Pretty soon, I’ll be looking back at this post and be laughing about how insecure I was to start with… at least, I hope it turns out that way.


The following are the links to my video introduction and diigo:



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2 responses to “Making a MOOC successful

  1. You’re doing great Tiffany! And yes – soon you’ll look back and think – oh! I knew how to do that! Thank you for your blog!

  2. Tiffany – lots of frustration for many – but you are right to relate that to your students. If this teaches us anything, it’s that the best way for them to learn is to let them dive in and do it, but also that we need to make sure to pace things in a way that pushes them, but doesn’t frustrate them to the point of giving up (we are adults, so we are supposed to be able to handle that 🙂 ).

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