Tools for managing and monitoring differentiated students

What technology tools can I use to manage and track differentiated student progress in my class?

As previous stated many times over, I am very new to a lot of this.  But I must say I am enjoying the adventure even though I can actually feel the crease it is creating in between my eyebrows.  This week has been quite the learning experience!

The past two weeks has been more of an orientation in to the global community.  But now we are required to dive in!  I must admit, the amount of possibilities available is overwhelming, to the point of paralysis.  However, I welcomed the suggestion of

I have used Wiggio before, and I rather enjoy it as a tool for collaboration.  I’ve worked with groups before that did not care for it as a medium, but I found it conducive to my needs.  I enjoy to access to conversations, chats, videos, conferences, polls, to-do lists, and banks for documents, links, and files.  It really is quite useful!

This week we were responsible for finding group members and setting up wiki pages.  In the Google groups of our DiffiMOOC, people had leveled off at various grades.  I have taught 4th-8th grade, but I am looking to expand my range to include kindergarten and other primary grades.  Also, learning to establish a virtual classroom and accommodate differentiated teaching is one of the reasons I took this class.  Striking first seemed to be the best option.  I set up my own wiki page and went fishing for partners.  It was a bit complicated for me, as we all have signed into five different sites for communication.  Fortunately, one of my group members started bringing us together back in our initial Google group.  From there we decided we needed to schedule a chat time to begin assigning roles.  Again, Wiggio came to mind, because I was familiar with the system.  So far I have kept the group updated on my own progress, scheduled the chat time, and created a to-do list.  I feel rather accomplished!

As far as using the tools for monitoring differentiated teaching with students, the poll ability and feedback with Wiggio would be valuable for assessment.  It also would be helpful for assigning tasks to specific students, allowing peer review among students, and an area for collaboration from their own homes.  There’s a whole world of possibilities here!

I still am taking the time to try other tools. looks fascinating!  I intend to try it out and brainstorm about possibilities of using it with students.  However, I am finding it difficult to keep up with the updates of all the different sites.  Flipping between my Google groups, Wiggio, DiffiMOOC website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts does become rather taxing.  I watched a tutorial for Teambox, and it stated that people spend a matter of 2 hours just checking their email.  I’m beginning to wonder how much time people spend flitting between their numerous social media tools!  It certainly is something to keep in mind.

And so, the adventure continues.  Tomorrow, I am actually participating in a webinar about how to use Edmodo for teaching.  I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I am excited to be in your group and get things rolling. I am excited about using Wiggio. I have never used it before. In fact, I just heard about it the other day when you emailed me. I agree that it can be a challenge having to flip between all of our technology resources. It is also challenging for me to remember what tool does what!

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