Cultivating Pearltrees for Differentiated Teaching!

Essential Question: How might I use Pearltrees to differentiate instructional content in my classroom?

There are just SO MANY options out there!!!  What is a mature, professional woman to do?  To be honest though, I like how simple Pealtrees is.  If you like it and you want to share it—there it is!  It kind of works in the same sense that a blog.  You just shoot your thoughts out there into the great cyberspace universe.  If anyone cares, they can pick it up and pay attention to it.  If they don’t care, so what—you’re still being you.

The potential to use this educationally would really lend itself to differentiated teaching.  This would be a great online resource tool.  Simply set up the specific “theme” that the pearls would follow.  This could be a concept, or even a matter of interest to that the students want to pursue.  The teacher can offer some resources to get started: wikis for readers; podcasts for the auditory learners; videos; do-it-yourself instructions.  When you have access to all information humanly obtainable, why not reach for the sky?  In this way, the students can also contribute their own findings.  They can share matters of interest with their peers and community members.

On a related note, I cooperated with a group over the last couple of weeks in utilizing Edmodo.  It was an interesting experience.  Coordinating with busy adults can be frustrating, especially when no one really wants to declare themselves the “leader.”  Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone in this Diffimooc.  And I am learning TONS!  It’s just when those deadlines draw closer, I’m pretty certain Count Rugen is sucking away years of my life (give yourself 10 points if you know what the heck I’m referring to).  Last project I struck while the iron was hot and put together a group.  It wasn’t a bad experience, but I told myself next project I wouldn’t take the lead, because I already had enough stuff that I was responsible for without adding one more thing.

Really, I should just relax, because my group put together a wonderful Pearltree on using Edmodo and the different tools it offers.  We followed the standard NETS-T 2. c. Customize and personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources.  For my part, I demonstrated how to create and acquire badges for student incentives.  I also included the tutorial I did for adding apps into Edmodo, for game-based learning and other resources.  Please check out our “tree!”


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