Tech Tools and Classroom Management considerations

Essential Question: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?

As seen from the previous blog, it was necessary for me to modify my previous project in order to better promote differentiated teaching and allow student creativity.  Since I am working with kindergartners in a facility that has rather limited technology, I had to get creative myself.  However, I have enjoyed discovering these various tools.

As explained in my “revisited” project, the students will be graphing their own progress.  This not only gives me an opportunity to assess their learning, but allows for student self-assessment.  I discovered this very useful graph making site at Kid’s Zone: Learning with NCES (  Setting it up is too advanced for kindergartners, but that is what the teacher is for in the rotation.  The student will “supervise” the input of the data.  At the end of the project, the student will have a graph they can take home to their parents and show the increase in their learning.

For the documenting of the student’s presentations, I will be incorporating video from a camcorder or webcam, scanned pictures, and uploaded pictures (which will be pre-monitored and acquired from a public site such as Photobucket).  These will then be edited into a video and shared by way of Voicethread (  An important factor of this project is that parents should also see the marvelous creations that their children have invented.

Some of the classroom management that I will encounter is that I have a class or diverse kindergartners and I need one-on-one time with the students to assess them and let them have freedom in their project choices.  My best option in accommodating with this challenge is setting up a rotation system and incorporating learning centers (or work stations for those Debbie Diller fans).  Fortunately, the teacher who I am working with already has some beautiful learning centers established.  This will help immensely, as the students are already familiar with how the rotation system and stations works.  “” lays out a variety of centers that the students are exposed to ( of Learning Centers).

I look forward to putting this project into play.  I believe that students will really enjoy creating something with an end product they can share with others.


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