Virtual Community and FERPA

This week has hit me like a hurricane!  Hello summer semester!  I see you are here to try and obliterate me!  Well I shake my Wonder Woman cuffed fist at you!…

I’m excited about what this course has to offer.  This week’s start for this class has already been quite informative.  It was nice to have a better laid out idea of what kind of information you can and cannot use with students.  And the discussion on copyright really got me thinking about some of the media I already have out there… I need to do some licensing.

My situation is unique.  Currently, I am a teacher without a school.  I’ve done some proctoring work for a local homeschool branch and I am currently tutoring a jr. high student in math.  My hope is to develop a homeschool co-op, an I believe virtual classrooms would be a valuable outlet for that endeavor.

I like the older kids.  Granted, I love my 4 year old, but she and her peers are a little difficult to organize into an actual project.  I would actually like to create a class that I can use with my math student over the summer.  Math isn’t necessarily one of my strong suits, but that’s what makes this an adventure!

In dealing with the FERPA guidelines, I’d like to use Edmodo as my vehicle of instruction.  I just like the fact that I can monitor what goes into it; I can allow parents access to their student’s work without infringing on anyone else’s work; and it’s relatively easy to use. 

I just have to remember to lock my group once my students are in, and not post the password on a public site.  No more “hacking” by kids who use their genius to write the names of male anatomy on my wall.



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4 responses to “Virtual Community and FERPA

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I am not sure about the “vehicle of instruction” that I will be using. My Masters program has definitely taken me down paths that I didn’t even realize existed.
    I have been a teacher without a school. I found it difficult to even call myself a teacher during that time. I would say that I had an education degree. I feel for you, it is frustrating sometimes. Of course, a 4-year old will keep you very busy.

    • Oh, she keeps be busy– and then some! 😀 I haven’t found it too difficult to continue to identify myself as a teacher. I’m still involved in a volunteer sense in the school I used to work for. I sub. I do professional developments for staff. And I offer tutoring services. I’m just hoping to bring it all together soon.

  2. garebones

    Tiffany, you mentioned Edmodo. I have heard of it, but haven’t had time to do a lot of the research on it. How is it helpful in the classroom? What exactly is it? Is it anything like Facebook? thanks…Gary

    • Edmodo is really useful! It’s a lot like Facebook, but it gives control to the teacher. She monitors posts that go on the wall; parents can be assigned a password which allows them access to their own child’s work, but not the work of other students; and it can be as inclusive/exclusive as the teacher wishes. You can upload apps, some movies, and links as well. I’m looking forward to using it.

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