This week’s chaos…

I may be a leaf on the wind… but I am not soaring!

This week, like so many others, was a whirlwind.  But, now my daughter is done with school; worship leader at my church safely home after fracturing his skull (so I don’t have to worry about filling in for him last minute any more), and the first part of my Reading Specialist portfolio is done.  I am on my way to recovering my sanity… I think.

I had great ambitions for setting my module creation into action, but it just didn’t happen.  I really appreciate the feedback that I got on my last post, because I honestly didn’t really know where I was coming from or where I was headed.  I especially appreciated the idea that since I was going to be having a one-on-one tutoring setting, I could supplement that learning with a “fun task” to be completed online throughout the week.  This would give it incentive, make it easy to monitor, and aiding to the learning at hand.

I really appreciated this last week’s webinar on Cyber-bullying.  Appreciated it, but was also a little disheartened.  There is such a drastic need for education of children in how to safely navigate the internet.  It is so irresponsible to give them such a powerful tool, yet not teach them how to use it.  It’s like giving a 9 year old the keys to the car and saying, “Go nuts!”  I have a 13 year old niece who was given a Smartphone by her grandparents.  I know it can be useful, but I know for a fact that they just let her do whatever she wants on it.  Even with social media, I see pictures that are posted by young family members, or even my friends’ kids that make me think, “Oh yeah, that’s going to come back and haunt you.”  People, unfortunately, are not aware of their own digital footprint, or even worse, those of their children.  I appreciate that educators are doing their best to develop this education.  What I do not like is the idea that a law may be passed that makes the school liable for cyber-bullying that happens to students—whether it happened on the school premises or not.  Personally, I believe parents need to be better educated on how to monitor what their children are doing.

So this is where I stand.  Exhausted, extremely busy, yet still upright.  I’d hope for an easier week, but I certainly won’t expect it!

Here is my course structure outline thus far:



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2 responses to “This week’s chaos…

  1. Do you think once your daughter has a Facebook / MySpace / Etc. account you’d “friend” her? How much supervision is appropriate? My kids are 4 and 2 so I hopefully have a few years to think about it yet.

  2. Colin, absolutely will I be “friending” (or the equivalent of) my daughters’ social media accounts. Even just the fact that they know “Mom” is on there, will keep them accountable. I pretty much have the same thing on my social media accounts. I have my mother and a couple of pastors from my church on my friends list. So even if I’m having a rockin’ weekend, I’m going to closely monitor what I put out in public. I’m still a professional, and I don’t want anything to come back and haunt me.
    When my girls get old enough to start embarking on social media, we’re going to have serious discussions about why it isn’t a good thing to chat with people you don’t know on the internet, what’s appropriate to post, and why they shouldn’t post EVERYTHING. I’ll still let them be themselves, but children are foolish. As parents, we do what we can to keep from foolishness from being majorly scarring.

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