Constructing “Like a G6” math tutorial supplimental

I’m just scratching the surface of constructing this module.  I initially got overwhelmed at the idea of having it all completed… then I saw that we can take time to get feedback.  Thank goodness!  I’m still figuring out the best Essential Question for my math structure.  And I’ve taken some webinars on Edmodo, but I haven’t had too much of a chance to utilize it.

I was supposed to tutor my student this last Friday.  However, due to scheduling conflicts we had to cancel.  For that reason, I scheduled my first week of the module to be posted on the 21st and the assignment is due July 5th.  I may use my module, even though it is still a work in progress.  I’d like to have a “test pilot.”

If you’d like to evaluate what I have so far, which isn’t really much, please join my Edmodo group at  Password is na0n5d.  I have plans to create badges as well as other videos.  Feedback is very much appreciated!



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3 responses to “Constructing “Like a G6” math tutorial supplimental

  1. I’m glad to have a fellow Edmodo designer! I’ve used Edmodo with students quite a bit to assign and collect/grade assignments. I’ve never designed a whole unit on Edmodo before. It looks like it’s working. Until it actually goes into production, I won’t know if it works as smooth as I am hoping. I’ve requested access to your site. It will be interesting to see how you are designing using the same site.

  2. How did you go about with preassessment? I am a little overwhelmed by the “where to start” question. For class management, my student really wants to use ClassDojo as their badging tool, which I am really trying to make work, but I can’t seem to get the student codes to print out.

    • Tiffany Pickrell

      I had was doing previous work with this student during the school year, so I had an idea of where she was at, but was still trying to accommodate for the level that her teacher was instructing her at. Now we’re trying to play catch up with the foundational stuff. I’ve never heard of ClassDojo. Worth checking out?

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