New Intro to online module and personal journey

Starting over, my introduction to the online tutorial course using Edmodo should start to look something like this.

Math Like a G6

Welcome to “Math like a G6!”  Time to study up, time to study up!  Over this summer’s tutoring sessions we will be both meeting for one-on-one tutor time and practicing in an online module.  For our online module you will be participating in the group “G6 Math Tutoring” on  Participants will be given a pass code in order to join the group.  This is a closed group.  Parents will be given their own pass codes so that they can monitor your progress as well.


During the online course, you will be conducting a number of activities online.  Each assignment will be scheduled weekly with a due date.   The assignments may vary, but will usually include the following:

  • Playing a math game for practice
  • Watching an educational video
  • Playing an interactive tutorial
  • Posting a short story of a math-related event that took place that week.  We will call these the “Math happening of the week.”  You can expect to post a happening every week.


I will be monitoring progress as we go.  Observations during tutoring sessions will primarily direct our next course of action.  Online, I will collect data from quizzes and tests through  The main goal is to see effective progress in answering the essential question “How can multiples be used to solve problems?”

It is difficult to plan and cover everything when it is a combination course, but it would be important to put all the information out there with easy access.

**I was struck by what Vicki Davis said about creating a website for anything that you intend to use.  She’s right.  It does make the information easily accessible, helps make it more credible, and looks professional… I don’t know how to make websites.  This is certainly something I would need to pursue in the future.

**I would also construct a syllabus of sorts, even though it’s a tutoring session.  If I’m going to be utilizing this online tool, I need to be able to know where I’m going so I can make proper changes as needed.  Also, this way there are guidelines for myself and the student to agree to, if something ever needs to be adjusted.

Personal Journey

This has been an interesting course, to say the least.  I went into it pretty confident, only to realize how little I actually knew… I guess that’s learning for you!  However, at least I know how to go about learning how to utilize the variety of tools.  My plan for an online tutorial course to supplement my teaching didn’t really pan out at this time, mostly because I lacked the appeal to get the student interested.  The option to use technology was not enough of a draw.  It’s especially difficult because it’s summer vacation.  Who wants to do homework?!  I needed a drawing power instead of the threat of displeased parents, which I failed to derive.  Motivations such as badges only work if the student first initiates the online work!

Also, it turned out that the student didn’t have access to the technology at home.  I had spoken with parents (separated) and both agreed that they had a desktop or laptop at home that the student could access to do her work.  Well, for one circumstance or another, access to that hardware was not made available.  It was a bit disappointing, as this unit would have been good practice; the student would have gained confidence from her ability to use the technology; and I probably would have been able to save quite a bit of gas.  But, it was good practice in it’s construction.  The student is still using her ipod for practicing math games in the mean time.  If I were to go back and re-design this unit, I would insure the access to the hardware, and look at the possibility of administering lessons via Skype/Facetime/video conferencing.  There is just so much potential with a virtual classroom, but I haven’t yet been able to put it into practice.

I still like systems such as and Voicethread.  I had ambitions to use them in the future with my teaching.  I also was interested to learn the options that blackboard can open up, but right now that is an intimidating ambition.  By the time I get these figured out, there will most likely be something new and exciting.  My job is just not to shy away from something if I don’t understand it.  Instead I need to just dive right in, and enjoy the ride!

My final project construction in Edmodo took a number of adjustments, as I was over ambitious as to the content I could cover with my student in a short amount of time.  I only uploaded 3 weeks worth of assignments, as we had missed dates of attendance, and she never completed the first assignment.  The unit can be accessed at  Password: jfzvwb

It was formerly locked up, because I did have an actual student using it, but that is not the case anymore.


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