Reviewing Ronna’s Math Tutorial

I had the privilege of initially critiquing Ronna’s math tutorial during its construction… and it intimidated the heck out of me!  Wow!  What a resource.  Her familiarity with Blackboard is obvious, as the site flows, is easily accessible, and clearly marked.  She provided a wealth of sources, tutorial, and videos for students in their pursuit of understanding math concepts. 

Her introduction of herself is easily accessed at any time; includes a picture and contact information.  It shows that she is open to her students.  The chapters are clearly categorized and included a quiz for self-assessment.  She also included an Elluminate live, leaving herself a window for synchronous instruction and/or live contact for helping a student.

As Ronna previously stated in her blog ( it was difficult to rate her module by the Quality Matters rubric, as this was a tutorial piece—mostly in the way of assessment.  However, with everything that was possible to align with, she did very well indeed.  I was very impressed with how this was constructed and the information provided.  Because I am not familiar with Blackboard, I do have some questions.  Is this a program that can be accessed by anyone, or only those registered to use Blackboard (we’re required through UAS)?  Do you have to pay a subscription fee to use Blackboard?  Those are key concerns in making the technology available to the students.  All in all, great job, Ronna!  I’m going to go hide in a hole now to get away from the splendor of your module!… Not really, but I am going to use it as a “bar setter.”


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  1. Tiff – I think that Ronna’s assignment was done through UA interface – and therefore they would have to be users. But Coursesites does give you a free Blackboard interface. So this could be useful if you don’t have access to a district-wide Bb site, or if you want to offer the class outside of the district.

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