Reviewing Barbra’s Module (again)

Barbra’s work is an excellent example of a supplementary tool to utilize with a classroom project.  By using Edmodo as a vehicle, Barbra left herself open to the option of making materials available asynchronously.    

She introduced the unit beautifully—clearly stating learning objectives and main ideas in the course overview.  She even lays out the timeline in which she will be addressing “netiquette” as one of the class’s objective to facilitate discussion.   The assessment presented was the culmination of the project and presentation at the end.  However, because this is a supplement to an in-class project, I would imagine that much more assessment takes place within the classroom lessons themselves.  Also, as students use the Edmodo site to collaborate on their projects, Barbra can monitor their discussions and assess whether or not they are on the right track.

She provides a wealth of online resources for the students to access from Edmodo, including: instructional videos, documents and helpful articles, and rubrics.  All are accessible to the student at any time.  This is a very involved project, and can only be successful if the students are engaged.  The element of peer review and collaboration works as an incentive for the students to stay on task.  This is also an entirely student-centered project—completely constructed and created by students.

The project requires the use of a variety of recording devices in order for the students to create their documentaries.  The students are also required to use a computer and various programs for editing and communicating with their group mates.  Through Edmodo, the students are easy access to their teacher at any time.  I am not sure if other contact info is given in another matter, but if the teacher keeps apprised of activity on Edmodo, this and classroom contact should be enough for the teacher to support the student.  There are also the videos and instructional documents available for the students to refer to at any time.

The accessibility is easy for the students who are approved to participate in the project; accessible for parents to see their child’s work; yet limited from the general populace until the final project.  Each category and week is clearly labeled and easy to find.

This was a very well-thought out project, and Barbra presented it well.  I appreciate her forethought in all aspects and how everything is clearly laid out.


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