Reviewing Brandie’s Module

Brandie’s course ( was a plan for a problem-solving unit consisting of 5 modules to be conducted over the course of 11 weeks with a highschool class in a blended teaching situation.  Her vehicle of instruction was to be Moodle.  I am very unfamiliar with Moodle, and I’m not entirely sure how it works.  I was hoping to get a peek at it, but perhaps it is something that is only accessible within school districts?  Whatever the reason, Brandie’s course outline was entirely shared on Google docs.

Much of the planning was theoretical, which I can sympathize with.  However, I would have liked to see more of the syllabus and plans for assessment.  She did state that there’s going to be quizzes at the end of each module (every 2 weeks).  Will the online collaboration be monitored?  (Is that possible with Moodle?)  What happens if the assessments show that comprehension isn’t happening?  She also stated that she was going to start researching instructional videos to aid the students—for my own curiosity I would have liked to see an example video of what she would have used.  As a reading specialist, we do a lot with critical thinking, and sharing resources is nice.

I like that she was using Voicethread for the sharing the end products.  Voicethread is very versatile and has a sense of “professionalism” about it.  It makes peer reviewing that much more enjoyable.


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