Globally Connecting

This week consisted on jumping on the technological horse again.  Yeehaw!  I’m not entirely sure I necessarily contributed to anyone’s learning, but I know I learned a few things myself!  I learned that Vines are kind of obnoxious—especially with their looping feature.  I learned that audio blogging is possible and it makes me question why I am doing all of this typing!  I guess I am indeed “old school.”  I was also reminded that it’s vitally important to connect to your students where they are.  Finding ways to connect to their culture and understanding is the goal.

I am having difficulty deciding on an action research project.  My situation is interesting.  I have access to a classroom of kindergartners and a couple of 1st graders.  I also have access to various students I’ve tutored.  My interest lies in distant education and anything relating to helping homeschoolers.  However, I’m not quite sure where to start.  I have contemplated researching effective ways to monitor distant learning, because I did struggle with that last semester when I wrote a tutoring module.  I am game for learning new things!  I love a good challenge.  I even created my roller derby team’s website this summer!  Whoo hoo!


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  1. I had a discussion with a professor this morning about trying to find time to listen to more podcasts. Pre-family I used to work on projects and listen to the radio all the time but now it’s a much more jumbled up audio jungle around my house and I don’t know if that would work as easily. When I walk to work that’s the perfect time – but the weather has been so nice that I bike in nowadays and I don’t like riding with headphones on. I do like having a podcast thing going on though to add random stuff into my thinking every day or so.

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