Reflections on Standards shift and Research Questions

I’m trying to ground myself after the high-flying, amazing weather, summer we had.  Even though I was still doing school this summer, I had a mini-break after actually getting my Masters degree… and it was nice.  Yet, there is learning to be done and knowledge of obtain!  I am doing my best to participate in twitter discussions– I just haven’t found my niche yet.  I have roller derby practices on Tuesday and Thursday (if it wasn’t one thing, it’d be another), and I’m generally getting ready to run out the door about chat time.  But I’ll get it.

So this week I learned that my question about how to best monitor and motivate student learning in distance learning is of interest to a number of people and valid for modern learning.  I’m just not really sure how to outline and set up such research.  I am currently without a class, and the students I have immediate access to are in kindergarten.  However, I am hoping new employment opportunities this week will help with that… but until then, I welcome other ideas.

And speaking of the ideas of others, I was reminded of how important collaboration is.  One aspect I am especially thankful for in technology is how it allows for people around the world to share ideas and techniques, especially in the area of teaching.  Not only am I cooperating with teachers in Alaska, but I’ve worked with people in Oregon, New York, and even Ethiopia!  How awesome is that?!  This time that we live in is a true gift.

So this next week I will: begin researching my question of monitoring/motivating distance learning and hope that it gives me a better idea of how to outline my research; join in a twitter discussion; and explore websites that can contribute to student/teacher cooperation.  I was a bit slim in the sharing of resources this week, and I intend to do better this coming Friday.

In the mean time, here’s the most currently viral YouTube music video, which makes me smile (and no, it does NOT contain naked Miley).


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