Plunge into the Tech River!

Essential Question: What have others learned about my question?

I’ll start out by stating that I definitely feeling swept up into the Ed. Tech river and I’m not really keeping my head above water yet because I’m not used to such a fast current.  Wow, that’s a lot of imagery!  However, it makes it no less true.  I am excited at the prospect of studying how to better integrate technology into education and how to help other educators in this endeavor.  However, because it is a relatively new, or at least recently accepted, practice that I am having difficulty finding a wealth of research.  Educational technology is certainly a living entity!  Don’t you dare blink, because you’ll quickly be “out-of-date”!

My original question, “What are the best methods to monitor and motivate students in distance education,” needed to be changed because I did not have the proper resources to conduct such a project.  In short… I don’t have easy access to students.  However, the question still intrigues me, and I might still pursue my curiosities when I have the time (ha ha…).

I was given the valuable opportunity to team up with some Ed. Tech peers!  I am very excited at the prospect, but definitely feeling the tech intimidation factor.  They’ve been swimming in the river longer than I have, and certainly possess a better grasp on where to find relevant information.  Or, at least they are very good at making it look like they do, because I’m thoroughly convinced!  I have a Master’s as a Reading Specialist.  There is a plethora of research on numerous aspects of the teaching of literature because the practice has been around since the dawning of public education.  But we are on the cutting edge of technology education.  Wow, we could actually be writing the best practices ourselves right now!… That’s,… kind of overwhelming.

In summation, I have come across a few articles that may possibly pertain to my new question: “What are the primary needs of classroom teachers for technology integration based on the tech-specific New Alaska Standards?”  However, now I have to wade through the information, glean from the methodology, and discern whether or not they are pertinent. Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming…



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2 responses to “Plunge into the Tech River!

  1. I can relate to how you feel about keeping your head above water. Technology is bouncing around so fast it’s hard to keep up with what’s current, what’s useful, and what’s just fun to play with. I spent several years away from the world of education and when I came back, things were quite different. Taking classes myself has also been quite an adventure. Being flexible and learning new things is a challenge for an old guy like me. The coursework we are taking will definitely help expand our knowledge and hopefully, will help us float a little higher.

    When I was searching for research articles, I came across a fantastic website from Ohio that had several Action Research studies. It is at There are nearly 30 research studies for a variety of subjects, most of which are technology based. Perhaps you can find something useful. I found 3 that I will be using to guide me through this project. I hope you find it helpful.

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