Everybody needs to watch “Re-framing the blog!”

Aw… technology.  It’s fantastic when it is working—and a complete pain when it’s not!  Just another piece of life where we learn to roll with the punches.

Data collection and Rationale

For this project, I chose data collection methods that will simple and not as distracting when working with primary students.  By utilizing observations, interviews, teacher’s anecdotal notes, and artifacts, I’m hoping that my sessions with students will be more about learning than just fulfilling my homework requirements.  It would be a complete shame if my time with students didn’t result in the best education that I can offer them.  I decided to add the artifact as a piece of data, because I would like for there to be a physical goal the students can obtain during my time with them.  I am working on collaborating with the teacher in what she exactly wants this product to be, but I am excited for what the students will turn out.  I’ve worked with some of these students before in creating reading videos, and they were lovely!

Experiences this week

Haha!  I’ve already ranted quite a bit on here, and I don’t really want my PLN blog to become like all my journals and diaries—a series of depressing whining!  It was a rough week, all the way through.  But am I alive?  Yes.  Is my family alive?  Yes.  Are we all in good health?  Well… we’re not hospitalized or dying, so… kinda.  Do we still have a roof over our heads?  Yes!  So life is good!

I had to fight my way through a lot this week, especially with where this project is concerned.  But I’m getting there.  I have my literature.  I’m making a plan for carrying out my research.  My collaborating teacher is excited for me to come in.  And I have an amazing PLN who royally saved my behind… I am grateful!  ERIC was my usual go to for information, but the government shutdown took away that option.  I was thankfully directed to other ways to find information.  I am thankful for those who post current and amazing Ed Tech techniques on such series such as EduSlam.  I’ve already tweeted this, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch this episode on Re-framing blogging!  It is powerful stuff, and really hits me in the “why-I-wanted-to-be-a-teacher”ses.  http://eduslam.me/2013/08/05/re-framing-the-blog/

I also had my first experience of using LiveText to submit work for peer review and reviewing the proposals of others.  So far, I really like the system!  It’s much better than previous posting sites I’ve used.  So that was my week, and I have high hopes for this next one!


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  1. Tiffany,
    thank you for the link to eduslam. I watched the video. I now have a larger understanding of what the roll of blogging plays in the classroom. I was unaware.

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