Data collection week 2

This week in data collection…

I keep thinking that I’ll know exactly what I’m going to find in each session—but children are just fascinating and NOT to be taken for granted!  My cooperating teacher has been utterly invaluable this week as I’ve been conducting my research.  It helps that she’s a bit more familiar with Mac devices and has been toying around with the class iPad in the mean time.  She came across a beauty of an app called “Too Noisy.”  It works miraculously with her K-1st grade classroom.  When the noise level gets too loud, the monitor goes into the red and the tablet screen is big enough for the students to see for themselves.  It’s also portable enough so that she can use the app for teaching them how to quietly walk down the hallways (Kegl, K., a personal communication, Oct. 16, 2013).

I did some assessment tests this week to gauge my focus group’s reading levels and possible interests.  I had a very difficult time finding assessments for individuals in a digital media.  Most assessment were for entire school sites, and we just didn’t need that many.  So my assessments were on paper.  I had one student in particular who had an extremely difficult time with this.  I knew this student, and knew that she was an affluent reader.  However, she experienced test anxiety and compensated by dramatically reacting to the littlest sound that occurred in the room.  It’s a mixed grade room with many activities going on at once—some noise was inevitable.  The student wasn’t getting anywhere with the paper assessment.  Eventually, after several pep talks that amounted to little results, the teacher set the student up with the teacher’s personal iPod and a pair of headphones.  She played low-volumed background music and encouraged the student to finish the assessment.  It was night and day!  The student felt secure enough to complete the assessment in minimal time.

I’ve began compiling a concept map of the devices that I have observed being used in the classroom during my time there.  Results of progress are going to be tricky to display, as we are still near the beginning of the school year in a 1st grade room, and much of the studies are still introductory.  But I am delighted to see how these tech tools are coming in handy.Research concept map


Kegl, K. (2013) a personal communication on Oct. 16, 2013

Walsall Academy. (2013). Too noisy. (1.7) [iPad]. Retrieved from iTunes store



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6 responses to “Data collection week 2

  1. “Too Noisy” I love it! I am tired of talking through and practicing our voice level chart. When my students are at choice time they have a very hard time keeping their voice levels low enough. This app sounds like it is the perfect thing for my classroom. We have a stoplight in our cafeteria that moves from green to yellow if it is starting to get too loud and beeps when it hits red, letting the students know they are too loud. I will be looking into the Too Noisy app this weekend.

    Test anxiety sure makes it hard to accurately measure student understanding. Great idea with the headphones!

    I too have run into the same problem with my project. I have had teachers tell me they were a little apprehensive about answering some of my questions as it was so early on in the year. I teach kindergarten. I asked them to simply give me their feedback and opinions as they feel this far into the school year. I think I would like to continue my research, informally through the year to see if ideas change.

  2. Tiffany, How are the student that are using the Kindles? Are they staying engaged and excited to get on it and read? I am trying to research how the e-reads help keep students interested in reading. You are doing a great job covering so much technology!

    • These students are excited to use anything “techie.” Simply because it’s something in their personal world, they feel like they have a lot to contribute. When we were covering the audio “book,” I wasn’t familiar with it, but I just told them that outright and said, “Let’s figure this out together.” (Seriously, I’ve never seen these things before! They’re little plastic cases with an audio recorder inside that you get at the library. It was crazy! But also really easy to use!) We had a great time, and they contributed to the learning a lot. They also love the Kindle and other tablets for the interactive books. Personally, I think it’s important to still present the feel and heft of a paper book. There’s something homey and secure about it. It could be my own conditioning– but a book can last for hundreds of years, while tech is outdated within a matter of months.

  3. Thanks for your Too Noisy tip. I can’t wait to try it! I agree with Michelle, it sounds like it will work really well. I enjoyed seeing your concept map. I’m just beginning to work with them for the first time. What software/website did you use to make it?

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