Technology Plan Components

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AK Tech Planning: What are the components of a good technology plan?

This is a concept all together new to me, but I can see the merit of its recent existence.  It is vital to get everybody “on the same page!”  As I reviewed the exemplars given on The National Planning for Technologies cite, I noticed common trends that fell in line with Anderson and Perry’s (1994) article “Technology Planning: Recipe for Success.”

Creating a proper technology plan was certainly a collaborative effort.  And it did not consist of just teachers or just administrators.  In fact, the members that made up the committees came from a variety of areas.  Teachers, administrators, school board members, parents and the occasional student offered their input into these projects.  All reports clearly laid out the demographics of their district and where the schools currently stood in their technology resources.

Each plan offered a clear and concise plan of monitoring and tech support.  Teachers were the main cog in the assessing of progress, and therefore they needed to be properly trained in the tech.  Monitoring and assessment of the tech plan was a constant, and communication was vital.  However, the main point of the plan was not simply the integration of technology, but the supplementing of learning by use of tech.  That was always clearly stated in these tech plans.

Each plan gave a projected date upon approval.  They left room for adjustments due to needs of students or technological advancements, but they had a clear time frame.  They projected where their focus would be and what their ambitions were for the future.  The goals were never something completely far-fetched.

What I appreciated the most about these plans were the commitment to communication.  A collaborative plan cannot succeed without proper communication.  Everyone has different gifts, abilities, and insight, and all should be utilized for the most efficient plan.


Anderson, L & Perry, J. (1994). Technology planning: recipe for success. Accessed at

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6 responses to “Technology Plan Components

  1. The more I think about the tech planning process the more I would like to see quality input from the students as part of it. I think if you’re hoping to garner some commitment to digital citizenship from the student body, the aspect of treating the hardware and bandwidth resources as finite shared property we need to get buy in from the students. Could be a great lesson in civics.

    • I agree with you. This is “their” world. They live and breath this stuff! Adults having an idea of what digital citizenship should look like, but the modern students probably has a differing view. THEY NOTICE STUFF LIKE HOW I’M YELLING RIGHT NOW. While I have some older relatives who type like that so that they can see what they’re writing. I’m a huge advocate for student contributions and responsibility. It makes education something that they partake in instead of it being something that’s done to them.

  2. Andrea

    The concept of a technology plan was new to me as well. I felt collaboration that included the community and the students was brilliant. All resources should be tapped in to for input and support. As you stated, “Everyone has different gifts, abilities, and insight, and all should be utilized for the most efficient plan.” Our world is so much larger than the what is inside walls of the school.

    • I completely agree!!! For some reason, our society has this subtle concept that you’re not “successful” unless you’re doing a specific job– acting, popstar, sports star, rich business executive, ect. Why? We don’t all want to be the same! What I see from perspective isn’t the same thing you see. And we need that! Combined, we have a better idea of how to accomplish a task…. *sigh*… I will step off my soapbox now.

  3. I realized as I read your post that I hadn’t really looked clearly at who contributed to our tech plan. I will go back and look at the list of people that were on our tech committee and try to be a part of the next plan that comes down the pipe. I feel that ours is outdated and needs some requalification.

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