Week 6’s Reflections

How did I contribute to the learning of others this week?

A lot of people commented on the “Too Noisy” app, which I agree—it’s pretty cool!  With kindergartners and 1st graders, you’re still generally dealing with students who are learning how to be in school.  It is difficult to do academic action research at such an early stage in the school year, but it’s important to be ever mindful of it.

Now that I’ve gotten through the initial introduction with my focus group, this week we’re really going to get more into utilizing the various tools that are in the classroom.  They’ve already explored how to be responsible for them; how to try new things; and how things logically work together.  I will need to do another assessment sometime to evaluate measureable progress.  However, after this last week’s test anxiety, I am apprehensive.  Hopefully the headphone trick will work again, but we shall see.

I am really excited to be working with my collaborative teacher.  Last year, I mentored her for my Reading Specialist class.  We had some great progress there.  Now, she’s walking me through some fantastic ways to integrate technology without making it the focus of the studies.  I’m learning so much!  And that’s part of being a teaching coach too—we don’t possess all the answers.  We’re life-long learners too, and sometimes we just need to lay aside the pride and get out of our own way.

This is not the app itself, but this demo is similar to what my teacher is using in her classroom.  It’s fantastic!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDrYj8D4GB4


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