Creativity in Tech Plans– DEFINITELY A NECESSITY!

Question: Is it reasonable to build Creativity into our Technology Plans?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear in this; but I believe that if we do not incorporate creativity in our education plans, we are dooming ourselves as a nation.

Where would we be without creativity?  Isn’t necessity the mother of invention?  Robinson’s (2011) anecdote about this English Professor friend he recommended for a promotion was staggering.  With a wealth of products in his portfolio, he was denied a promotion because of his lack of journalized publishing of research…What?!  Is a degree only to show that you learned about the works of others while not utilizing your own gifts and geniuses?  No wonder there’s a push for student to skip college and just get a career!

“We live in a time when the ability to adapt is critical.  In situations of high uncertainty, employers need to make decisions quickly in order to steer through change” (Robinson, 2011).  We HAVE to be able to think on our feet.  But how can we equip students to be able to do this if they’re never in an environment where they are allowed to be creative and think outside of the box?  Technology already forces out of the box of control a bit.  We are giving students access to a global community and putting their works out there for public review.  There’s something to this.  And while students of course need to be taught how to use the tools responsibly, they must be trusted with a certain amount of freedom.

Colin Hussey (2013) muses, “I was having a think the other day about how some of the jobs that young people will do in the future haven’t even been invented yet. It’s a crazy thought, but it really is the case and in order to get the most from them, we need our next generation of workers to be creative, and to essentially shape future society.”  We are preparing students… for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet?!… WOW!!!  The time of the “Sage on the Stage” approach to teaching are gone—and the educational system needs to accept this.  If we keep restricting the students’ abilities to be creative and think for themselves what will happen?

Someone else will do the thinking for them.  What started out as a comical satire from the genius of Mike Judge has become a frightening foretelling.  If you haven’t seen the movie “Idiocracy,” I highly recommend it so it will light a fighting fire in the hearts of educators.  The movie contains a lot of foul language, but let’s be honest, isn’t that kind of the trend that’s happening now days?  The movie follows a man from the year 2005 who gets put into a cryo-sleep and wakes up 500 years later.  Due to lack of natural selection, the human race has become a dumbed-down shadow of itself.  Corporations have taken over all walks of life; computers do all the thinking for people; and common knowledge is only what advertising has told the populace.  It’s worth a watch, just so that we don’t make this future a reality.


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3 responses to “Creativity in Tech Plans– DEFINITELY A NECESSITY!

  1. Nice job. I agree with you, but how do we get this stuff in a tech plan or any plan for that matter ? And what about this, if we mandate creativity, is it really being creative or following the mandate?

  2. I water my garden with Brawndo because it has what plants crave, electrolytes. Judging from the performance of my garden, there must not be any plants actually in there.

    Anyhow the one impediment I see on creativity is that it is hard to account for, mandate, quantify. Judging creativity is messy, takes time, and as such if I was an administrator it would be hard to point to any one example and say, with a smile, “Look! This is what your tax dollars paid for!”, and expect anything near buy-in from the state or the board. Test results are ready made for such examination, as much as we dislike them.

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