Week 4’s reflections

Probably the biggest thing I learned this week is POST YOUR WORK ON YOU BLOG!

I can’t believe I made such a silly mistake.  I put together my glogster, which was quite the learning experience; posted it to Twitter;… and just left it.  Come on, Pickrell!  Fortunately, I discovered by reading the reflections of other that my peers did check out my work.  So, thank you peeps!

The question about strategy in tech plans brings up an interesting question.  I really appreciated Andrea’s explanation of strategy being the “Why” in the tech plan, while the technology plan itself was the “How.”  My glogster covered brain plasticity and the concept of “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  I remember going through child psychology while getting my teaching degree and learning about plasticity.  I remember how panicked I felt in learning the ages of development and when was the best time for children to learn specific skill and abilities.  I felt I needed to be the most efficient of that opportunity with my own children (when I had then).  Now that I actually have children, I ask myself, “Why?  And to what end?”  To have amazingly skilled children who are miserable and feel overly pressured by their mother?  I want the best for my children; and I want them to be proficient at what they do– but I want them to do what they love and they are passionate about.  Is that wrong?  Because that doesn’t fit into the box of standardized assessment and testing, is my daughter’s passion and skill for tying knots something that I should neglect or suppress?  Alright, that might be a little over the top, but you see the idea.

As a mother/teacher, I see myself stressing out about little things.  My mind sees how one thing leads to another, and I want the most efficient path for my child/student.  However, these questions are bringing me to realize that it’s okay to relax and let the creativity flow.  Why want innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers; not identical robots. 


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  1. I worried about a lot of those things as an about-to-be-dad before our son was born. I finally just stopped fretting so much after reading through the one of the Sears’ books and realized that I was over-stressing about parenting in general. When it came to teaching them things, and realized that the best learning times come at you unexpectedly, say, while cooking breakfast. I just have to be open enough and flexible enough time-wise to take the time when it presents itself.

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