Reflecting on the vision

This student said everything I was trying to express in an AMAZING speech!

This is the kind of student I, and so many other teachers, wish to produce!  A lot of us in this group are of the same mind when it comes to the vision for tech.  There’s currently too much focus on the tools themselves.  It’s difficult to incorporate creativity into our lessons.  Why?  It seems to be because it isn’t quantifiable.  We live in a society that glorifies labels.  A student is labeled “smart” because they have the grades to justify it.  However, Einstein himself bucked at the regimented system of education because he believed it hindered the learning spirit and creative thought.  I’m sure Einstein was one of those students who was, “So smart, but just never studies for tests and never does his homework.”

The vision of allowing creativity to flow and the technology to simply be a tool to bring it into production is not a vain one.  But as Andrea put so beautifully, it’s like turning a cargo ship.  It’s a slow, careful process that takes time.  If it’s rushed, disastrous things happen.  I appreciate Chris’ idea of looking up creativity rubrics.  I wasn’t even aware something like that existed… but why not?!  It is the internet after all!  Aw…technology!


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