Arts and Science

How is art, collaboration, and emotional intelligence important to technology planning in terms of process, and outcomes?

Art, collaboration and emotional intelligence is important because it affects the result of our processes and outcomes.  When we incorporate creativity into our technology plans, it brings up the question of how the educator will measure it.  However, creativity is just as valid as science, which is upheld as “gospel.”  “In reality there are many similarities in the creative processes of the arts and sciences and much closer connections between them than is commonly thought.  Both have objective and subjective elements: both draw on knowledge, and feelings, intuition and non-logical elements.  Both involved personal passions and both can be highly creative.  Science as well as the arts can have considerable influence on how we feel about the world and on the world we have feelings about. These features of arts and sciences have implications for how we should think about creative processes and for how they should be provided for in education and training” (Robinson, 2011).  We need creativity in order to promote innovations for the betterment of our society and culture.

We currently have significant forms of creativity, ingenuity and technology, if we choose to acknowledge it as a valid form of “culture.”  For example, YouTube is an example of art, collaboration and science.  However, it is most often recognized for its entertainment properties. “The creativity of a culture depends on how open these networks are and how easily we can access knowledge.  Creativity is about making connections and more often than not […] it is driven by collaboration as much as, if not more than, by solo efforts” (Robinson, 2011).  We can gain information on anything from the internet in almost any location.  Our possibilities are endless, but that can be a scary concept.  However, if we plan for the unexpected, it will possibly soften the blow.

Here is an odd example.  “Smack Cam” is a recognized category on Vine.  Most are just college boys smacking each other with shaving cream.  However, some express some amazing levels of ingenuity, collaboration, and, yes, even technology.

…Imagine what these guys would be capable of if they turn their efforts towards something a bit more productive?

Castee, E. (2013). Ultimate smack cam. Access on YouTube at

Robinson, K. (2011). Out of our minds: learning to be creative. West Sussex, UK: Capstone. [Accessed on Kindle].



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5 responses to “Arts and Science

  1. Andrea

    I agree, “we currently have significant forms of creativity, ingenuity and technology”. The students are already doing all these things. So is a tech plan trying to encapsulate what is already being done naturally? Is the cart then not already in front of the horse?

  2. That video that you listed apparently got removed. Here’s some of the stuff I pulled up via Google Search:

    I think I would sit with my back to the wall from now on if I had a teenage son.

    I don’t think there needs to be the hard schism of science vs. creative arts. I view many of the creative arts such as music, digital media, etc., to be explorations and dimensions of output. Doesn’t it seem like a powerful idea to be able to have a group of students develop a digital media piece exploring a current topic of interest, say for example changes in the crabbing industry in Alaska, through a digital media piece along with music performed by group members? As the project-based facet of the “guide on the side” vs. “sage on the stage” meme what we’re looking for is the student to be able to understand a topic and be able to converse in it through some sort of creative means.

  3. Smack Cam! I seriously thought it was going to be about something else entirely. After climbing over the raw shock & awe of some of the adolescent use of video & audio, I recognize a shiny beam emanating from within the videos. Present was a form of collaboration that allowed for the creativity to take form…regardless of content. There mothers would be very proud. I even believe there was a mother in the video.

  4. Vine is such an interesting concept to me because it is so structured in the amount of time you get, but it has spawned so much creativity. I wonder if one function of creativity is to have a super structured system in place, which forces people to innovate within the structure…

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