SEACCR Final Reflection

Action Research—Final Reflection

This was my second opportunity of completing an action research.  However, this was the first one I actually carried out to completion.  The other was completed in a theoretical sense, so it was satisfying to actually see an end result and apply it.

I will admit, however, that this semester has been particularly difficult.  I severely underestimated my ability to cope with grad school, a 4-year-old, and an emerging 2-year-old.  I didn’t feel like I was able to complete my project to the best of my ability.  In my video, I sound dead tired because the only time I could actually record my video was in the dead of the night.  But that’s life, isn’t it?  We teachers are survivalists, and we do what must be done.

I learned quite a bit from this experience.  What initially started as a panic ended in a reassurance that a PLN is a great thing and can really save your sanity.  I love this ability to reach out to people and gaining so much in return!  I have stepped out of myself, and realized that when I’m interacting with other teachers, it’s okay for me to show that I am vulnerable.  My cooperating teacher who allowed me into her classroom for my research was an incredible asset, and I really appreciate all that I learned from her.  If I came in, strutting like I was an expert of some kind, I would have learned far less.

My intention is to continue to interact with my PLN, and continue to incorporate suitable suggestions into my repertoire of useful ideas.  Technology is a tricky thing!  It moves so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up with it.  But the capabilities that it gives the user are well worth the effort!


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