Week 7 Reflection

I’ll admit, it is very difficult not to get frustrated as I am learning more as an educator.  As we cover the ideals of allowing creativity and innovation within the classroom, it’s not an impossible concept– but it feels like a challenge.  And that makes me kind of sad.  Why does it feel difficult to allow children to use their imaginations?  If anything, we should be reveling in it!

However, the pressure to produce a measureable result is an overbearing burden; and one that will probably remain for a good while.  I guess the best bet is to keep our heads up and not give up.  The concept of innovation being embraced from the top down in leadership is a one that is a little out of our hands.  However, Chris reminded me this weekend of other countries who have re-evaluated their own systems (including educational systems) and rewrote them in order to achieve the goals they truly wanted.  That fills me with some hope.  I’m sad to say that right now it kind of feels like we’re just sticking more fingers in the cracking dyke, but there is always the hope that the dam will be rebuilt.


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