Reflecting on Serious Games

I just spent the weekend unintentionally off the grid… I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  It was kind of relaxing, but I didn’t start off this first week of school in a timely fashion.  My very gracious host did not have internet at her home, so I apologize for the late posting.

As far as what I learned and had to offer this week, it was a little limited except for perspective.  I am familiar with those who have always thought of video games as a waste of time.  I guess I can see that.  However, I’ve always grown up with the appreciation of interaction with the stories that games allow.  You can read a book; but you can “live” a game.  And since the inception of videogames there have been some serious games sneaked in there.  I mentioned Windows flight simulator in my previous post.  I’m reminded of a digital piano instruction program on our Nintendo.  There is value to be had there.  And I am so appreciative of behaviorists such as James Paul Gee who are delving into the research and sharing positive results.

My biggest regret this weekend was not having the time to dive fully into these serious games more closely and REALLY check them out.  I actually have an assignment to game!… and I didn’t have the time?!  NO!  But I am looking forward to catching up this week.  I am very excited for this project!


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