Week Two’s reflection

It was interesting to see that so many of us think along the same lines for game components.  I guess there are some universal truths in learning, especially when it comes to gaming.  I can appreciate that so many of these components should be translated to all subject in learning.  It’s my greatest hope to be able to do just that… as a human, not a computer.

My contributions to others was once again perspective.  I would like to say it was my love for James Paul Gee, but we all read him this week!  I just appreciate that I am a product of some of these components in gaming as opposed to reading the research of others.  The research definitely justifies it all, and helps us to advocate a change in philosophy when it comes to using games in education.

Some interesting questions were brought up to me about multi-player vs single player games.  Multiplayer certainly does encourage group problem solving, collaboration, and independent learning… depending on the game.  However, most multi-player games are online and require monetary subscription.  And from my experience, online gaming-communication tends to breed foul-mouth tweens, or “trolls.”  You’d have to be careful in what you’re sending your kids into.


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