Week 6 reflection

Just when I begin to think I have a handle on things… the flu bug strikes and knocks us all on our rears!  It hasn’t necessarily been me, but my children, which is almost worse.  So if my post is a bit on the crazy and incoherent side, this is my explanation!

Moving on!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Gamifi-Ed hangout with Verena, Colin and the students (and kids, which was fantastic!).  What a great way to collaborate!  Just thinking about students sharing in such a manner 10 years ago, it probably wouldn’t have been possible.  Now these students are contributing and fellow educators; contributing to something that has a global connection.  AWESOME!!!  Isn’t this the innovation and creativity that we’re trying to create?  Verena mentioned a couple of times how much of a “noob” she is at Minecraft (the “n” word as Drakkart called it… it’s not fun to be the noob), but I think it’s good to show that we as teachers don’t know everything and we can learn from our students.  No, it’s not fun to admit you’re a noob, but we ALL start out that way, in one area or another– and that’s okay!

I am adoring this use of Minecraft in and educational capacity!  It’s great to see games accepted into the classroom, especially mainstream commercial games.  We need more of these we can use!  Enough with games that promote decadence and unnecessary violence!  The success of Minecraft will hopefully encourage more games of the like.


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