Week Seven’s Reflection

I’m still coming out of the head cold fog, but I think I’ve still learning…

I am very excited at the prospect of Game Based Learning!  I always have been, ever since the late 90’s when they started to find some validation in gaming.  Granted, most of that was about Marine’s using 1st person shooters to desensitize their soldiers to killing… which is now a negative.  But more research started producing results that gaming can increase logic skills, spatial relations, and learning to overcome failure.  So, yay!  My mother didn’t inhibit development in my brothers and I by letting us play video games! (She was very relieved to learn that, by the way).

As I’ve stated before, I’m extremely thankful for researchers such as James Paul Gee who are really putting GBL to the test.  An entire school that utilizes GBL, AND it’s staying on par with traditional schooling?  That’s awesome!  And that’s just the results with standardized testing.  The “extra” learning that the students are getting out of that environment must be phenomenal!  I appreciated was Rorabough (2014) had to say about assessment when he was discussing “Twitter vs Zombies,”” Sometimes learning is messy; so you need to have messy assessments.” …YES!!!… Now what does that look like?  As we are the exciting exploring path of non-traditional teaching, many teachers would be willing to try something new… but we just don’t know what that looks like.  We still like to play it a bit safe, especially when our jobs are count on it.


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