Week 8 Reflection

This weekend I took a bit of my own advice… I specifically took time for my family an I to just walk away from our electronic devices.  And you know what?  It was nice!

For once we had a Saturday that didn’t require anyway running off anywhere.  Sure, there were a million things I needed to tend to.  But my daughter had been hitting the hand-held devices pretty hard lately, which was leading to her being a pretty grumpy 4 year old.  So Mommy declared an hour of no electronics.  No Tv. No iPods (except for some soothing music in the background).  And just some snuggle time and books.  My girls, who are 4 and 2, managed to make it a good 40 minutes before they got too squirrely to sit still any more, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading book after book with my children.  And collective learning was still happening.  My oldest child was familiar enough with books that we had read with her since she was a baby.  She was so familiar with them that she started reading them with her little sister.  And my 2 year old mumbled along, doing her own “reading” as well.  It was a great time.  But as soon as that timer was up, I was right back to the computer doing my thing.

I appreciated the responses to this week’s pondering; and I really like the advice of scheduling out that quite time.  It is valid, and I believe it will hold a lot of benefits to how I manage the rest of my life.  Also, reading through the posts of others– I am definitely going to have to re-check out Khan Academy!  There’s a lot going on there!  I guess my brain is just a little too scrambled to retain what I went there for last time.


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