Week 9 Reflection

This week has been full of a lot of “Geeking Out” about Minecraft.  Our group is understanding the game enough that we can talk about its mechanic’s in short terms, which I appreciate.  I’m coming to notice though that people who are outside of a sphere of understanding get rather annoyed when Geeking Out is taking place and they can’t contribute.  I geek out sometimes at the grocery store when the bag boy notices my “Mass Effect” jacket.  The cashier often has no clue what we’re talking about, and simply shakes their head or roll their eyes.  The same thing can happen in school too, and it’s a concept I need to be careful of.  I was usually outside of the sphere of understanding when it came to mathematics and chemistry.  I had very little opportunity to geek out about these subjects, because there really wasn’t time to “mess around” with the concepts.  Either you got the information from the books, or you didn’t.  I didn’t, so I just resigned myself to a grammar nerd, because I was good at creative writing (probably because I got to play around with it a lot… go figure).

I guess my relfection this week is just remember to step outside of myself and remember that not everyone has the same understanding that I do about things.  That other people’s perspectives are valuable and I can learn a lot from them.  I need to watch out for those students who will NEVER admit out lout that they are lost… but their faces and their actions can signal it to me if I’m looking.  Geeking out is really fun!  It gives you a sense of belonging when you share with others.  However, it can also be exclusive if we’re not careful.

I will warn you— there’s a lot more Minecraft Geeking Out that is going to happen!  But I have no problems answering questions and going over explanations for those who are interested!  Cheers!  And happy Spring Break!


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