Minecraft Development

Wow!  What a busy week!  Whew!  But I’m still here and still as “sane” as I was when I started– so I count that as a success! 😀

Our Minecraft group is rockin’ it!  I thoroughly enjoyed the creation of District 12 over spring break.  The little details of creating the Everdeen’s house, the Hawthorne’s, the Malark’s and using World Edit to create the Meadow and the Seam.  I was also given the trial run of seeing my creations very easily destroyed.  It was good for me!  Don’t get too attached to your work.  Or at least realize you can rebuild.  I know my cheesy Peeta poetry is still floating out there somewhere… loving Katniss.  (I am a bit surprised, and a little pleased that no one discovered Mr. Malark’s sugar stash.

My group did have an opportunity to work together on a trial run of survival mode where we were a clan; a situation we are contemplating putting the students in.  It was just the three of us, but it was fun, and a bit scary at times.  I had forgotten that I had decked out my avatar in awesome armor and had a diamond sword (I didn’t like looking like an avox whenever I was constructing!).  So when those zombies can banging on my door, I just banged right back!  One of my team got stuck in a hole at night, so another teammate and I went to the rescue… until we were overwhelmed by monsters and our rescuee was slain.  We then limped back to our perspective houses and/or exited the game for further discussion.

Obviously the students aren’t going to be as decked out as my character was– there’s perks to being the head Peacekeeper (yuck) and a Gamemaker (yuck), but it was good to test out what the students might be facing.  We discussed assigning roles to student characters, how we would aid that, and what goals within the game would be in order to give incentive.  There’s still much to lay out, but I am so excited for this project!  Even if it means continually repairing creeper holes and restocking the pictures at the Everdeen’s, this is going to be great!


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