The Crafting Continues…

It’s always a curious thing working asynchronously.  And for some reason, this early spring is trying really hard to compete with the winter holiday season as far as business!  BLAH!  However, that being said, my group is really kicking tail!

My group began assembling roles for students to portray in the experience simulation we are proposing.  Part of my job is to brainstorm how to make those roles doable within the scope of Minecraft.  The plan is to have the students cooperate in family units and survive in a poor situation.  It is difficult nailing down the mechanics of the game.  We’re all just so excited, and there’s so much we could do!  I promise you, if we had a year to work on JUST this, we would have an incredible simulation model to give teachers!  However, as far as trends go, that’s not a very realistic timeframe, and we only have one more week to pitch our idea.  But none the less, I am still excited about the scenario we are creating!

We talked about how when a resident “dies,” instead of respawning as a resident, they would then become a Peacekeeper.  This provides and interesting aspect in the discussions that will take place after the experience.  I really wish I was going to be able to sit in on the students’ discussions about their experiences, because there’s just so much potential for deep thinking!  “How did you feel being restricted?”  “Did you obey all the Capitol laws?”  “Did you keep some tribute back?”  “Did you become a Peacekeeper?  If so, how did you feel about the shift of power?  Were you tempted to lord it over another?”  Mmmmm!  Yummy discussion!

Soon we’re going to join together for a survival session so that we can make a trailer of what the actual game might look like.  Colin did threaten to blow up Katniss’s house in trailer, and I threatened him right back!  The truth is, it’ll probably get destroyed during a Creeper raid… or by the Capitol… so I really shouldn’t care.  I should just be happy for an excuse to go back and build some more!


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