Happy Epic Trailer Making Time!

This weeks continued production on our Minecraft Hunger Games simulation started off with a bang!… Literally!

Colin assembled the MC group for some video clips to put together the trailer for our game pitch.  It was a lot of fun!  Probably more fun than I should have had!  We hunted cows; I got to chase Thomas around as a PeaceKeeper; we built together; we fought monsters; and visited the Hob.  The crowning glory was when I got to shoot the TNT packed guard tower with a fiery arrow.  HUGE explosions all around.  It was great!  (And it wasn’t Katniss’s house like I was fearing).  It was a very nice closing to the building session of the District 12 world.

The collaboration on the game mechanics and role cards is still coming along really well.  My job was to go over the role cards, and make them MC-ready.  My team did an excellent job operating within the scope of MineCraft, which I was really encouraged to see.  Again, I see so much potential for this scenario!  And had we a year to work on just this, we would have an amazing product.  What we managed to pull together though, is pretty dang cool! 

We also discussed licensing, and how we wanted to share our product.  I really appreciated this, because I always have difficulty in this area.  That whole “accidentally committing piracy” bit can sneak up on you quickly!  But as a good role model for digital citizenship, I need to learn to be conscientious of it!

So things are going along really well!  I’m really curious to see what the students think about it! (And I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the finished trailer!  Colin even got someone to do a voice-over for it!)


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