Reflection Week 2

Today I have the privilege of playing with my daughters… actually playing.  My husband was incredible in doing his part to figure out the finances and budget, leaving me to play Wii bowling with my little girls.  It was awesome!  During that time, I was not only able to enjoy my family, but I was able to observe first hand what my girls were experiencing through games.  They were practicing: their counting; their spacial relations; and their sportsmanship.  They were getting immediate feedback on their actions and making adjustments accordingly.  And above all else, they were engaged.

The poll stated by Jeff Dunn at Edudemic (2012) has stuck with me.  I’m still disappointed that education hasn’t more readily accepted the potential in gaming.  I would really like to see more specifically geared games immerse, especially since those are the ones that 90%+ teachers claim they are more comfortable using.  Personally, I wish I possessed the game designing magic that produces incredibly beautiful, and engaging games.  However, the opportunity has eluded me and I’m not much of a fan of math.  I’ll keep hoping and praying all the same.


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