Perspective– Silly vs Valuable

I used this video in my portfolio over the summer, and I’m finding that the “Baby Boomer” perspective isn’t just limited to an age group.  What I’m learning a lot from this week, mostly in my local setting, is that perspective influences so much– especially in how we respond to people.

I’m finding that just because I don’t understand something, it’s not stupid.  For example, I’m not much of a Pokemon fan, but a lot of my students are.  When they ramble on about the various categories of Pokemon, I am completely lost.  However, I still listen, because it’s something they’ve dedicated time to.  Was it a waste of their time?  From the perspective of possible employability– probably.  However, I can respect that they’ve developed a specialist language in order to more easily communicate.  Can I take that interest and turn that into learning– absolutely!  Tons of literacy I can use there!  I don’t necessarily consider myself the most creative of educators, but I do try to keep a good perspective and grab a learning opportunity when it presents itself.

I’ve also found how incredibly anti-social something so readily acceptable like reading can be.  I know.  Believe me, it hurst to say it.  Especially since I’m a Reading Specialist.  But as I’ve been catching up on reading, I realize I’m spending hours not talking to anyone, and that’s difficult with toddlers.  When I’m reading a common book with people, we have TONS to talk about… after we’ve read.  However, when my husband is sitting in the living room gaming, I can see right there exactly what he’s doing.  We discuss it.  We strategize together.  We look up wiki’s when we get lost.  We problem solve together.  This isn’t saying there’s a wrongness to reading.  Of course not!  I am inviting and examining of what’s considered “Acceptable” learning practices and why.


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