Post-WWI Germany in Minecraft? YES!

This week were challenged to take on the role of two different factions within the setting of post World War I. It was the German Governmentalists versus the Women’s Advocates. The Governmentalists were promoting women to re-marry and immediately begin breeding Aryan babies. The Women’s Advocates were focused more on women becoming independent; and empowered to work for the good of their country.

I will admit, at the beginning of this challenge, it did seem a little daunting. We were given a goal, but not specific instructions in how to accomplish that. But once I got past the initial scare, I realized that the openness was actually a gift. By using the guideline… I could do anything! By putting myself within a role to play, it was a really fun experience. What would I do if I were a woman striving for self-sufficiency? I was having fun building a whole back-story.

While grieving for my dead, war hero husband, Volfgang, my character decided to move on with her life. By first developing the iron mine that has been in her family for years, she took those resources and helped build a haven for ALL looking to work—women, men, and families. All was for the greater good and rebuilding a distraught nation… like my character.

With my fellow widow, Amanda, we built the “Always Strong” village—complete with university, barracks, produce garden, horses to train, cows to butcher and milk, pigs for butchering, chickens to raise, sheep to sheer, lumber to chop, and a mine shaft. That looks like a pretty self-sufficient village to me! I found myself REALLY wanting to play this village on survival mode, because we would have been amazing!

If I were to come away from this experience, and write a paper about the struggle of women during this time in history, I could probably produce something incredible. My perspective would be much more inclusive than compared to if I were just to read the text and write. It’s one thing to theorize how gamification works, but to actually experience it was really neat. Not to mention, a lot more fun!


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