Week 5 Reflection

I’m super glad we got the grant for our project! Yay! While reviewing the video that Lee posted summarizing our project, one statement stuck with me—but in a good way! Lee expressed, “So, Tiffany goes overboard sometimes…” (She did finish, “but this is great!”). At first, I thought, “Oh shoot. I do don’t I?” But then immediately I thought, “Yeah! I sure did! Because I CAN!” Had I been doing a project like writing, crafting, or creating a different type of product, I would have been greatly limited by resources, time and stamina. But by using a vehicle like Minecraft, I was able to just keep going.

On the other hand though, it is a little disconcerting to look up from your game and see that 3-4 hours has passed already…

But I’ve also done that with other projects and gotten far less compelling results. It does help that I’m pretty familiar with Minecraft, so it does help with carrying out what’s in my head. But I also like the ability to work with my teammate pretty freely. Amanda built a great library, and it was fun to work together on our garden. And then, after we completed our product, others could actually visit our work. I was able to ride my horse over and check out the German Governmentalists’ institutions. They were very colorful, and very creepy when you’re aware of their intent. But it was great! It was also fun to have the onsite competition and “trash talking”. Lori cheering on her genetically-modified pigmen and Thomas trying to convince Amanda and I that we needed new men in our lives.

So I really enjoyed the challenge this week. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to presenting a similar experience for some students!


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