Week 7 (?) Reflection

I’m writing this a little late, because my Sunday was CRAZY!!!

I have the great honor of escorting my awesome students to the Elders & Youth Conference as well as AFN.  We got in late last night.  Then we’ve had meeting after meeting.  There has been very little time for anything else!  In reflection of this last week, it has been a growing experience.  What started as a simple homework operating session turned into an enormous expansion of my Professional Learning Network!  I am really excited about working with people from literally all over the globe on this project!


Even though this didn’t happen this week, I did want to share this uber-cool moment today.  At the expo here at the Elders and Youth conference had a demo for “Never Alone,” a video game that depicts Inupiaq culture as a mainstream video game.  I am blown away by this game!  It’s beautiful; prioritizes problem-solving over violence; and is narrated in Native Inupiaq language!  As I’m listening to Elders bemoan the loss of their languages, I just see so much promise in a game like this!  I told the developers I couldn’t wait to see a Southeast version of this game!  They said they’ve been asked a lot about sequels already.  But of course, this game needed to be successful first.  So I am passing it around my PLN!  This is a GREAT game!!!  Please share and get a conversation going around it!  This could be a modern means of preserving Native cultures that are fading away!  Possibly even revitalizing it!


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    An amazing game which could help perpetuate Alaska Native Languages…

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