This week’s summary

  1. What have I done this week?

Honestly, this week has been a bit of a living nightmare. Mostly due to personal stuff going on, but the stress of so many dealings has literally driven me to illness. Our project that was to accommodate a “simple” 100 students has increased exponentially. As a builder for the GiverCraft setting, I was building zones according to a formulated plan for first 100, then 400, then 800. Within a matter of days, we had 2000 registered for our little project. While this is exciting in the educational standpoint, it’s incredibly intimidating as a developer of the game. Looking at a very short time frame and constantly shifting variables, it was difficult to know what exactly to do.

Utilizing World Edit to prepare Minecraftedu is a simple enough task, provided you have the know-how, but it is tedious. Especially when you don’t have specific parameters to follow. I developed a system of flattening the landscape, turning the world “colorless” (per “The Giver), and filling in the holes; but it was only through great trial and error. Possibly, the most frustrating was when I would forget to take the “fill/dig” option off and inadvertently destroying much of what I had just created.

So this week I have been building—building, building, building. Rebuilding the hub, modifying preexisting zones, rebuilding zones, and creating an additional 22 zones. A highlight was one of our beta testers commenting on how our world editing skills have improved.

  1. How do I feel about my progress?

As far as general building goes, I feel like I kicked butt! However, at the prospect of accommodating for 2000+ students… I still don’t feel like it’s enough. I don’t necessarily know how to change it, except possibly building more zones. However, the common consensus seems to be that 25 zones is more than enough. I just worry that the students won’t have enough room to do what we’re asking of them. Or that they will be so close to each other that inadvertent destruction happens to each other.

  1. What do I still need to do?

I still need to go through and build the rivers in each zone. Again, this is doable, but very tedious. Not to mention, working with the water option is tricky (I keep flooding everything).

  1. How can others help?

Lori has already been a huge help! By taking my literature review portion, which I was feeling extremely overwhelmed with, she freed me up from a huge burden! I am having a very difficult time following our emailing system of communication. There’s just so much to read! And when life picks up (which it has) there’s a just a storm of chaos to weather. I still don’t feel like I have my bearings. The variables keep changing every time I look up. But I also don’t want to be the one who drops the ball on such a huge, and ever developing project.



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3 responses to “This week’s summary

  1. Tiff – we’ve already had some people drop out of the experience because of bandwidth, or because they had chromebooks & ipads but no computers to use. So I don’t think we’ll have 2000+. I think more realistically around 1200. You have worked so hard on these zones – and I know it’s been moving target for you. Hopefully this weekend the students can be assigned to zones and you won’t have to worry about things changing so much! I am sorry you have been stressed! Wish I could help you with the zones more.


  2. rockislandtechie

    I really appreciate all the work you’re putting into the build; I hadn’t logged in for a while since that initial test but after seeing all the work you and Thomas did, I was incredibly impressed and relieved that you both have taken on that task. You’re the only one on our team that will also be a teacher during GiverCraft so I think self-care at this stage is important!!! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Things have rolled along so quickly, I feel like half the time I know about 1/4 of what we’re actually doing. Ok, not that bad, but I feel you and for you. I HATE being stuck in front of the computer on tedious tasks so I THANK YOU for being one of the builders and taking on that job. Yesterday, during some time-off I cut and stacked firewood for 3 hours. It was tedious but I thank goodness I wasn’t sitting in front of a computer stacking blocks. I would literally go crazy. I admire you tremendously for being able to keep this rolling and tackling such a huge job! Without killing anyone! Ok, I don’t know that you haven’t, but I’m presuming 😀

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