Students to Partners

Time is just falling into some kind of crazy vortex. I’m getting to the point where I can’t even tell time any more. While I am very happy that this project is going well, I will be even more ecstatic when it’s over.

This week I’ve been getting the rest of my ducks in a row. I got my students set up with wikispaces; we changed the IP addresses; and got usernames established. I did have a rather interesting incident. I went over the Greifing agreement with my students. Some of them were already planning on building traps and other magnificent creations. However, when I explained to them exactly how the game was to go and how they would be graded, I caught their attention. When I told them that this project was a big deal because so many in the educational community would be watching, they became partners. I explained that because they were high schoolers, I would be expecting them to be mature, helpful, and tactful.

When we re-entered the Givercraft world, we were initially in Zone 10. However, due to registration changes, I knew we were no longer going to be in that zone. I had instructed them all to go to my specifically created test zone. However, I began hearing comments, “Hmmm… I see color. I must fix this.” …. …. …. … I REALLY wished I had partnered with them months ago! We could have cranked out those zones in no time! I was very impressed that my students went from showing off their initial prowess to readying themselves to be teachers and partners.

So I am looking forward to FINALLY playing the game with my students this week. It’s going to be an great experience, and I’m really interested to see the results.


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