This Week’s Reflections

21st teaching


These pictures depict a perspective that I had forgotten in the midst of learning this technological chaos.  The point of our services is not to teach students to use technology.  The point is to use technology as a tool for learning!  I know that I get so wrapped up into the new-fangled devices and sites that are pretty “neato” that I forget what their main purpose is.

As educators, our purpose is to teach students how to communicate, collaborate, create, present, etc.  All of these!  Technology has just given them the tools to do that more easily.  However, for the teacher, there is often an intimidation factor in learning the tech.  It’s often easy to forget that modern students don’t really think about that.  They’re more apt to just dive in and start exploring stuff (most of them, anyway).  I need to remind myself to allow exploration, to a certain degree.  I still need to be able to reset whatever might be taken out of place.  But just because I don’t completely understand something, it doesn’t mean that I should limit my students.  They might figure something out that I didn’t know before and I can learning something from them.


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